My top ten tips for excellent service

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1. The guests are KINGS - always and forever

2. Understand the difference between service and looking after people. You serve strangers with/without heart but look after those you care for.

3. To look after people you must be able to put yourself in the guests shoes first. How do you know what they want otherwise? As you meet and greet guests, consciously think about what they want, what they come here for and how you can make them feel special and please them.

4. Be always ready for the guests, be "on the boiling point" and have a "gazelle on red bull" frame of mind. There is no grey here. It's black and white. Either you are ready or you are not.

5. The basics and nothing but the basics. Good service is good service no matter where you are. At the Ritz or a road side cafe

6. Eye contact, smile and give your full undivided attention to guests. Remember you are on stage when in service-just like an actor. So perform!

7. You must have an inner desire to please and make people feel special. This is what hospitality is about and what we are here for.

8. Be positive, warm, welcoming, hospitable, kind and generous and make sure you radiate these feelings to guests and those around you at all times. Let me give you an example: when you walk past someone who likes or dislikes you, you can sense what they feel even if they don't speak. Make sure you send the right vibes as these will build the business reputation.

9. Be awake, aware and ready for the unexpected. Do not take anything for granted. Be ready and on your guard and you'll be always able to make a difference and make people feel special.

10. Be proud of yourself and what you do. You are the best! People can sense confidence and positive attitude. From my experience (humble) confidence brings success.

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