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Grant Bovey gets the chop from Hell's Kitchen

grant bovey.jpgTonight has been another hard slog for the celebrity contestants in Marco Pierre White's Hell's Kitchen.

Ade and Niomi where delegated as team leaders, and in the challenge for the day they had to prepare a dish with either Dover Sole or beef with a sauce created by each member to be selected by the team leader.

Ade with team members, Anthea and Linda chose his own cheese sauce while Niomi's decision was slightly marred by the manipulation of Grant. Grant declared Danielle's aioli not a sauce, while Niomi's was too gravy like, which led Niomi to lose confidence and go with Grant's sauce, which Marco ultimately panned!

After a hectic service which was increased by 20 covers, Ade and Niomi where left to running the pass. Grant was struggling with the mash potatoes and chips, which later he apologised for, but this still did not save him from the sacking! 

As the celebrities sat around the elimination table, Marco Pierre White questioned Grant's reason for intimidating Niomi on the earlier challenge and was shocked at how Niomi "rolled over to Grant's persuasion".

He praised Ade and his team for their team work and were told to go back to the kitchen for another day. 

Marco said that the reason behind his decision was that Grant failed showing any humility, not being a team player and not having the "bollocks to say when he screwed up". He added that Grant was a leader, a boss, and ultimately Hell's Kitchen not big enough for the two of them.

So, Grant is sacked and Anthea is left in tears sitting in kitchen. 


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