Marco Pierre White back in Hell's Kitchen

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Marco Pierre WhiteMarco Pierre White (MPW) has returned to our TV screens in charge of ITV1's Hell's Kitchen and last night's opening show kicked off with a record five million viewers.

The series opener saw the celebrity contestants faced with their first challenge, which was making a sandwich, and MPW said the task would give him "great insight" into their technical ability and personalities.

"If they make it simple and honest, that's who they are. They make it flash, they're flash," he explained allowing us a glimpse into his profound culinary genius.

But, of course, not all of the celebrities were up to scratch and MPW took a very swift disliking to Linda Evans and Ade Edmondson, whom he "demoted to waiters" after they failed to impress with their culinary skills. Nice message he's sending out to the front of house division of our industry there but then we'd expect nothing less from Marco.

But, of course, the true scandal always takes place behind the scenes, and according to the Mirror  MPW dumped his girlfriend ahead of Hell's Kitchen in a bid to "find his fourth wife by wooing female fans" who last time round sent him bras and knickers. Lurvely stuff.

Furthermore, in a headline-grabbing move that shouldn't really surprise anybody, MPW has yet again hit out at fellow celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

"Everything Gordon does is contrived, unnatural, derivative," he told the Daily Mail before calling Jamie Oliver "a fat chef with a drum kit". "When he gets his first Michelin star I'll take him seriously."

I wonder how seriously they take him.

MPW's US TV career bombs

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Stop having a go at Marco! I think he's great. A little wild maybe, but I respect him and I don't believe the rubbish about him dumping his girlfriend just for presents from his fans. And if you would rather spend your free time spreading crap like that, then you should take up a hobby instead...

(I envy Danielle's daughter. I want his scarf!)

Thanks for your thoughts, Katie. Please note that the rumour regarding Marco dumping his girlfriend came from the Mirror, I'm simply pointing to what they said. Thanks for the "hobby" suggestion, which I've sadly had to edit out. I trust you enjoy a bit of that yourself in your spare time. GG


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