San Francisco restaurants consider mandatory 25% service charge

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$We all know that tipping policies in the USA are very different to those we Europeans subscribe to across the pond.

But now restaurants in San Francisco, California, are taking things a step further: They're discussing implementing a mandatory 25% service charge.

Apparently the easy-going Californians in San Fran are so tight, they're the worst tippers in the USA, so the move is designed to force them into leaving adequate gratuity. However, with average tipping rates at around 15-20%, 25% may seem a tad overzealous.

The move has already got the support of some high-end restaurants in the city, which is home to some of the USA's most acclaimed restaurants like Coi, Chez Panisse and further afield the French Laundry.  

Good idea or awful display of greed that will drive customers away? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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