Sowden, is a new name in tea and coffee pots designed by Milan based designer George Sowden.

The Sowden Softbrew has gone back to basics and uses a clean infusion filter, a jug and hot water.  The stainless steel micro filter has thousands of microscopic holes which filter magnificently and allow the coffee to pass easily from the ground beans into your cup.  The contemporary jugs are made of porcelain and have a range of colured lids.

The new-style coffee pots are £37.50, including VAT for the James 2-cup (0.4 litre) shown below, £42.50 for the 4-cup (0.7 litre) and £47.50 for the 8-cup (1 litre).

sowden coffee pot.JPGI love mine and James is my new best friend.

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As products and suppliers editor of Caterer I often have the privilege to taste and test new food, drink and equipment.

What I hadn't achieved until last week was to spend a day watching a talented chef, come lecturer come butcher educate in the art of Game Recognition and Preparation.  Jose Souto at Westminster Kingsway College London I salute you.

I went into the seminar a complete novice and although I have only scratched the surface, it will definitely make me less nervous of the animals and appreciate the beauty of them more - in the wild and on the plate. 

game portrait at westminster.JPGDid you know?

·           Game in the UK has adapted.  Our weather conditions are milder and wetter, and the food that these animals live on has altered too.  This means that we do not need to mask the meat with such strong flavours as often described in older cookbooks.

·         There are over 13 different species of game bird in the UK, not all of them are indigenous.  These include: Pheasant, Reg-legged Partridge (known as Frenchies), the Red Grouse, the Capercaillie (the largest game bird to be found in the UK), the Ptarmigan and the Quail (it is illegal to hunt wild Quail in Britain due to its declining numbers).

·           Snipe & Woodcock make a knocking noise when flying in the moonlight, they don't have a game scent and they must have their gizzards removed if cooked classically

·         The present thinking is to hang feathered game from its head.  Pheasants don't need handing nowadays (just relax them, chill and eat fresh)

·         Tufted ducks are really muddy and are best cooked in casseroles

·         You can tell the age of a duck by tearing its feet - the easier they tear the younger they are

·         Large ground game in this country includes six breeds of deer: Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Reeves' Muntjac and the Chinese Water Deer

·         There are three acceptable ways to shot a deer: head shot, neck shot & chest shot. Butchers prefer a head shot.

·          Most deer will give you a 50/50 bone to meat ratio/yield

·         The Muntjac deer is the worst one to skin

·         Always bleed and gralloch (viscerate) a deer at point of kill

·         Small ground game including Wild Rabbit, Brown and Blue Hare (Mountain hare)rabbit loin removing sinew.JPG

·         You can tell the age of a rabbit by tearing its ears - the easier they tear the younger they are

·         Never put rabbits on a board before skinning. Skin on a tray, then transfer to a board

·         Contrary to belief - it is the Blue Hare that is indigenous to the UK and Hare loins eat like a piece of steak

Roll on the glorious 12th, and the start of the next game season.  Everyone involved in sourcing, supplying and creating with game should go on this course. 

skinning deer 2.JPG

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Chris Froome, Mo Farah, Ben Ainslie, Leigh Halfpenny, AP McCoy and Christine Ohuruogu will have dined on larder trimmed beef barrel fillets at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013 dinner at Leeds Arena last night.

Paul Robinson, executive chef, at the Leeds Arena, selected Yorkshire Dales Meat Company's beef for the main course. 

Larder trimmed is the term used by butchers and chefs alike to describe the very best part of the central barrel beef fillet.  The meat comes from naturally fed, traditionally-reared livestock from the Knox family farm in Wensleydale and from other local sources that share the company's commitment to the highest standards in food provenance.

Yorkshire Dales Meat.JPGJames Knox, finance director at Yorkshire Dales Meat Company, said: "To be supplying meat to be enjoyed by some of the greatest Olympians we've ever known, arguably the greatest jockey of all time, the star of this year's Lions tour and the current Tour de France champion? Wow, what an honour that is for us as a business.

"It's also great to see one of the year's most loved and watched BBC programmes taking place in Leeds and at the fantastic new venue that is Leeds Arena. Chef Paul Robinson and his team are doing a great job there, and we're glad to be able to support them.
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Dave Hughes, owner and chef Mark Fletcher of the Badger Inn in Church Munshill near Crewe showed us a very warm welcome when we arrived as guests of Essential Cuisine, the stock people. 

Mark Fletcher the badger 3.JPGChef willingly allowed us into the kitchen to see his stock pot - Nigel Crane, managing director of Essential Cuisine was keen to show us how the Essential Cuisine products compliment the daily dishes of any busy chef.

We tried to keep out of the way of a busy pub kitchen in full service - the pub has seen a huge turn around in business in the last two years and the restaurant has a home-made feel.  The staff are friendly, the beers are good and the food is delicious.

The pub restaurant with rooms is a ten minute drive from the new Essential Cuisine factory and head office.  A visit the following day allowed us to really experience the full range of products made by a British manufacturer.  Essential Cuisine like to think of themselves as stock specialists, and they seem to know their stocks from their glaces!

We tried some recipes including this one and had a tour. 

Essential Nigel .jpgThe business is growing and with an increased team on board and a BRC accreditation imminent, the blue jacketed team seem set for the future.
lotus caramelised biscuit bits.JPGLotus Original Caramelised Biscuit crumbs allow chefs to incorporate the taste of the original caramelised biscuit into other products, whether that is part of a cheesecake base, a topping for a dessert or the finishing touch to a hot drink. 

The crumbs are available in two particle sizes and three pack formats, dependant on the application.  The sprinkler jar is designed to be used both front and back of house.

The Crumb range variants are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and conform to all Halal regulations and are available as a 12 x 150g sprinkler jar, a 10 x 750g plastic bag and a 1 x 7.5kg bulk pack.

AppOS Systems is a suite of apps that aims to meet the growing demanAppOs bookings.JPGd from restaurateurs for a flexible system designed to manage front and back of house communications, reports and stock.

The user-friendly interface with wireless connectivity, can be managed via a smart-phone with just 15 minutes set-up and will enable the operator to create and print menus, manage stock and ingredients, organise bookings and walk-ins, orders, billing and payments, reports and analysis

AppOs is available for download via the App store and can be used for free for 30 days with access to all functionalities.  After 30 days, subscribers will receive free updates forever, including new features for £44.99 monthly or £499.99 per annum.

Albertoutside.JPGFrench bakery and pâtisserie manufacturer Bridor de France, has a new partnership with chef Albert Roux.

Roux, who first discovered the Arc en Ciel breads at SIRHA 2013 in Lyon, France was inspired by the possibilities and scope of use and approached Bridor with his own recipes for using them. 

This partnership has resulted in a 40 page booklet of exclusive recipes, which will be available to both chefs and Bridor customers. 

The Arc en Ciel bread range consists of six different flavours and colours of Ciabatta style loaves including Lemon and Thyme Confit, Nori Seaweed and Tomato Confit.

Roux said: "I love coloured cuisine from England as much as from abroad and these coloured and flavoured breads allow you to express how you feel about food.

"The basic product is wonderful: it's pure, and the flavours that emanate from each style are absolutely fantastic, allowing me to create original finger-foods, snacks and creative dishes using flavoured breadcrumbs - as served at Le Gavroche - or simple, stylish and colourful sandwiches for afternoon tea, which we serve very successfully at our hotels in Scotland."

Recipes include: Black spiced scallops on curry bread, with prawn croquette, saffron Basmati puree and Asian Dressing, from the menu at Le Gavroche; lemon and thyme bread with Tandoori chicken, aubergine compote, coriander oil and root vegetables and a classic Afternoon Tea sushi style rolled sandwich with smoked salmon and avocado (see below).


For recipe details email

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The Frizzenti tap system that serves Prosecco by the glass eliminates returning repeatedly to the fridge and opening and sealing products.

George Worlkman, managing director of Frizzenti, said:  "Simple calculations suggest that in busy bars where it is in high demand, approximately a full hour of staff time can be saved with every 150 glasses of Frizzenti served from the tap".

The Frizzenti tap is suitable for all types of outlets and the light and fruity Prosecco is sourced from Montlevini in Italy.  The company has an installation partner and guarantees to fit the system within eight days from order.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, operators might consider the celebratory benefits of Prosecco in their cocktails and Frizzenti have come up with some suggestions including the Frizzenti Mojito, Summer Punch and Autumn Spritz.Frizzenti Autumn Spritz.jpg

"Speed is of the essence in any busy bar and our highly visible fonts enable outlets quickly and easily to create classic Prosecco cocktails.

"They add theatre at the bar and ensure the perfect pour every time and when licensees serve them in beautiful glassware topped with a vibrant garnish, they can create simple quality cocktails that offer the wow factor and also encourage customers to come back for more" added Workman.

Autumn Spritz

25ml crème de cassis
75ml pressed apple juice
Top with 75ml Frizzenti

Method: Add ingredients to a glass filled with ice, top with Frizzenti and a garnish of sliced apple and autumn berries

Dontantonio has introduced Wowbutter - a 100% peanut-free spread to the UK.

Wowbutter is made from non-GM soya beans and can be used as a spread for in-flight, on the train or hotel breakfasts, or to create a nut-free satay sauce.  The product is entirely free from all nuts, gluten, dairy and egg.

Wowbutter will be available in 2kg and 10kg plastic tubs as well as 14g portion packs and is manufactured by WowButter Foods a small family business, owned and operated by the Mahon family.  

contact: with initial enquiries Wowbutter packs-co[1].jpg

Shloer Celebration White Bubbly & Pink Fizz ev.jpg
There are two new celebration-style soft drinks from Shloer on the market - Celebration Pink Fizz and Celebration White Bubbly.

Packaged in 75cl clear glass bottles with natural cork closures encapsulated in a wire cage and foil, the new lines will be available all year round.

The launch is being supported via tailormade promotions and POS materials, a high profile consumer PR campaign and digital activity with 52,000 fans on Facebook and the Shloer website

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