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You can't open a newspaper without reading about obesity in the UK and yet, according to uniform company NKD Clothing, bar and restaurant workers are actually shrinking.

That's right, it appears the hospitality industry is largely exempt from the problem of weight gain with increasing numbers of female employees demanding tiny size 0 uniforms.

Men too are requesting smaller chest measurements, with chest size 34 demanded most often, the company reports.

Managing director Gill Eastgate, said: "There has been a massive slim-down of staff in the hospitality sector over the past few years.

"The country as a whole is getting considerably bigger but we are seeing the complete opposite in the uniforms we supply - particularly for front of house and bar staff who tend to be the thinnest.

"The shrinking shape of the sector means we've had to dramatically alter the range of sizes we offer to companies opening hotels, bars and restaurants. Now the smallest sizes, such as size 4 and 6, are being offered as standard and in most order runs we are supplying many more size 6s than we are size 12s."

Eastgate has a couple of theories to explain the trend: "Hospitality workers are forever on their feet and are very active in their day-to-day work.

"There are also a large number of Eastern European people working in the sector," she said.

"Many of these men and women tend to be tall and thin, different from the traditional British body shape. There has been a marked change in providing not only small uniforms, but ones with longer legs and bodies to cater for this."

Product Junkie agrees that every measure should be taken to avoid an obesity problem in the UK (excuse the pun), but not at the risk of hospitality staff starving themselves to death. Look after yourselves, people!

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