Wildly Different Raisins

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Natural-Balance-Foods-raisi.jpgThe raisin-hating Product Junkie crew took some persuading to sample Natural Balance Foods' "nākd wildly different" fruit-infused raisins at the IFE show yesterday, but we were pleasantly surprised.

The fruit-drenched raisins are so entrenched with flavour that they take on a whole different form in your mouth so that you know you're eating a raisin but it bears very little resemblance to the original article. Weird.

Judges of IFE's Fresh Ideas Award were equally as moved by this new product, deeming the pineapple variety worthy of making the top 10 most innovative products list. And with 1,200 exhibitors at the show from 45 countries, this was some achievement.

Three other flavours are available - cherry, lemon and orange - and the raisins contain all natural ingredients, no added sugar and even meet one of the five-a-day portions of fruit/veg requirement.

Fun packaging and the novel concept will no doubt appeal to kids...and adults alike, as demonstrated by the products team which left off with several packets stuffed down their pockets.

We used to think grapes belonged in a bottle of wine but we're willing to reconsider...

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Why do you hate raisins?

Admittedly, hate is a strong word. Raisins have never slighted us in any way. They just happen to be quite soggy and chewy and generally not very tasty - in their original form. Only our opinion of course, feel free to disagree.

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