Carlsberg font amnesty

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Font_side150.jpgThey may not be contraband or overdue library books, but any licensees harbouring old Carlsberg fonts have until the end of March to hand them in and receive new ones without charge.

Carlsberg UK (CUK) has announced a Font Amnesty to encourage licensees to trade up to its Superhero font which was launched into the on-trade two years ago and is claimed to help create a creamier, tastier looking head and lead to less wastage of beer.

In fact CUK research indicates that pubs using the new fonts had nearly a 10% higher rate of sale than in those with Lowlines and T-Bar fonts.

"We are incredibly proud of our beer quality and want drinkers to enjoy a perfect pint of Carlsberg every time they order it," said David Scott, director of customer marketing. "So we are continuing to invest in the on-trade and quality by funding the font amnesty.

Stockists who want to replace their old Carlsberg font for free should call 0845 601 3432.

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