Now you see Liftbed, now you don't

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Liftbed200.jpgJust imagine the fun you could have with this.

Sending a sleeping partner ceiling-wards for a laugh and filming yourself 'levitating' on the bed to scare your friends are the two that immediately spring to mind, but I'm sure there are plenty more.

Yes, it really is a bed that is stored in the ceiling but at the press of a button descends into the room and will rise back up on pressing the button again.

The Liftbed is a new piece of space-saving technology from Germany designed to transform a meeting room or other space into a fully functional bedroom, or to provide suite facilities where space wouldn't normally allow.

The manufacturer says the custom-built Liftbed, which is completely hidden from view when stored in the ceiling, can nearly double the usable floor space of a room and can be a cost effective solution for hotels where space is at a premium.

Thankfully Liftbed has undergone an exhaustive programme of quality testing and meets all relevant European CE requirements, so it shouldn't be the cause of any fire brigade call-outs to rescue trapped customers.

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