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Peter's pies treat Blues fans ahead of Carling Cup final

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The Carling Cup final takes place on Sunday and as Birmingham City prepare for one of the biggest matches in the club's history, official club supplier Peter's have prepared a tasty treat for all Blues fans travelling on official club coaches to make sure that they are better fed than their Arsenal counterparts on the day.

Birmingham City Peter's Pies
To help them prepare, award-winning pie-maker, Peter's, are ensuring that when the Blues faithful head south, they will be in fine spirits. More than 3,000 snacks will be made available to fans boarding around 50 coaches before they begin their epic journey to Wembley. 

"As everyone knows, the heart of a football club is its fans. They're the ones that turn up through thick and thin, in bad times and good, and Sunday is all about them. We want everyone to have a great day out, starting with a nice tasty snack to set them up perfectly for the journey!" said John McAughtrie, national accounts manager for Peter's.

As well as munching on a selection of Peter's favourites, from Premier XL Sausage Rolls to Premier Cheese and Spring Onion pasties, en-route, the fans will also have the chance to tuck into their favourite match day pies on arrival at pubs near to Wembley Way.

"Everyone knows it's going to be tough but we're desperate to give the lads a boost. I'm not sure what the Arsenal fans will be nibbling away at, but we want to make sure our fans have some real sustenance throughout the day to help them cheer the boys to victory," said Kevin Smith, head of commercial operations for Birmingham City.

Question is, who will be crying into their pies at the end of 90 minutes?

With 10 distribution depots throughout the UK, Peter's also supplies 38 major sports stadia, as well as fast food outlets, fish bars, restaurants, cafes, independent retailers, schools, hospitals and hotels with a range of over 900 separate product lines.

The versatility of Parma Ham

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GaGa.pngThere was outrage when Lady Gaga turned up to the MTV Music Video Awards ceremony wearing an outfit made of meat, but it seems she's started something of a trend.

In fact Gaga has been trumped by London College of Fashion designer Anna Chong, who has incorporated the idea of provenance into her design.

The dress is made entirely of Parma Ham which is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product protected by European Union law which ensures that it can only be produced in the designated area near Parma and using specified artisan methods.

The dress took two weeks to make and is the star piece of Chong's new collection of miniature dresses recreating Gaga's most popular looks.

A press release from the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma suggests the dress highlights the creativity and versatility of Parma Ham.

Hmmm...I think I'll stick to eating it.

Valentine's Day diners can say it with cheese

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cheese heart.jpg
Any loving couples out there without a sweet tooth may appreciate a Valentine-themed alternative to heart-shaped panna cotta. 

Enter Dorset Red from Ford Farm, handmade on the Ashley Chase Estate on Dorset's Jurassic Coast using milk sourced from local grazing herds and smoked over natural oakwood chips until it develops a natural, burnished, red rind.

And now there's a Valentine's Day version which is, perhaps unsurprisingly, heart-shaped.

"It was an obvious route for us to take," says commercial director Greg Parson. "Dorset Red is a perfect recipe for Valentine's Day with its naturally developed red rind and a birth place that is widely regarded as one of the most romantic locations in the UK - Thomas Hardy Country."

To order your limited edition Dorset Red Valentine's Day Heart, visit www.fordfarm.com

A sting in Makro's new vodka

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Skorppio Vodka200.jpgHow do you take your vodka? Straight up? In a Bloody Mary? Or garnished with a predatory arthropod?

If you haven't tried the third option, now's your chance as Makro has announced the launch of Skorppio Vodka, a premium vodka with an edible scorpion in the bottle, 'edible' being an adjective I never anticipated using with 'scorpion'.

The brand originates from Spain but the vodka is produced and bottled in the UK and will be available exclusively at Makro until March.

The scorpions used are raised in Mexico in a clean, pesticide-free environment, especially for human consumption, with the venom removed so they are - for those who want to pretend they're on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here - completely safe to eat.

"Scorpions are considered a delicacy in many countries around the world," says Hannes Floto, MD of Makro UK. "Vodka containing a scorpion is often used by bartenders to make jugs of cocktails, with the drinker who gets the scorpion in their glass considered to be the lucky recipient."

Really??? Personally, I'll feel victimised.

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