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Old fashioned corned beef makes a comeback

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O'Doherty'sCornedBeef2 150.jpgDo you know how corned beef got its name?

Well originally it was beef cured by a technique that included a very coarse rock salt which resembled sweet corn. Hence, corned beef.

Sounds rather different to the canned minced salted meat I remember from my childhood. And so does the new corned beef from Northern Ireland-based O'Doherty's Fine Meats.

Based on a recipe dating back 600 years and using locally-sourced beef, Fermanagh Black Corned Beef is salted and cured over a period of three months.

The aim of managing director Pat O'Doherty, who developed the recipe from studying historic documents in his local library, was to create an old fashioned and high quality corned beef that's completely natural using fully traceable beef from Aberdeen Angus cattle reared naturally on the shores of Lough Erne.

Fermanagh Black Corned Beef is available as either as a joint or pre-sliced, but definitely not in a can.

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