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LEGO DUPLO has decided bakery is big business and launched a new cake themed building set - Creative Cakes.
The ingredients include cupcakes, muffins, meringues and candles in a variety of pastel Lego Duplo bricks.
Method: Take all of your ingredients, add a spoonful of imagination and watch your little one bake up and serve their very own cakes.
The plan is that budding chefs will love Creative Cakes, and, with a little imagination little girls can easily use the shapes to create their own tea party and develop their social skills through role play, in a fun, engaging way. 

lego-cake.JPGSafety First - though the cakes look great they don't taste so nice but parents needn't worry if their little one decides to try and eat their fantastical creations as all Lego Duplo elements have been built with little people in mind.  They are large enough for children to play with without swallowing and thanks to the way they have been moulded no bits can fall off either. 
For stockists details visit

 Although, we should have a boy's set too!

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