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Johnsons Catering Equipment has launched a new range of handwoven Polyweave baskets with lids.

New Polyweave Baskets from Johnsons Catering Equipment.jpgFeaturing optional clear dome lids which open from both sides to assist selection, the baskets are designed for ease of use and maintenance. 

Handwoven with synthetic fibres to make them washable and weatherproof, they're also UV and fade, mould and mildew resistant.  

The baskets are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, and in square, round, oval or rectangular shapes.

Cheftools announce the arrival of the Pacojet 2

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The first new model of chef's favourite the Pacojet has been launched today to coincide with the company's 25th anniversary year.

The Pacojet 2 includes some new features, many of which have been introduced at the request of, and with help from, distinguished chefs around the world.

Pacojet2_2.jpgWhat's new: Swiss-made brushless motor with a 5-year warranty; upgraded software to prevent overfilling beakers; optional air pressure mode with automatic de-pressurisation and more precise decimal portion control.

The new machine is equipped with a new colour graphic display with intuitive icons and an automatic cleaning cycle.

Bonus:  The new machine is complete with a complimentary Pacojet recipe book contributed by top chefs in 40 different countries.

The Pacojet Ambassador for the UK, Tom Kerridge of the Hand & Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, said of the new machine: "We have found the Pacojet 2 to be highly efficient and the manufacturer has clearly taken on board suggestions for improvement.

"The new engine is more powerful, quicker and quieter. In fact, since we 'pacotise' about 40 times a day in the kitchen, there now pervades an air of calmness and control!"

The Bonzer Zip Zester

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The Bonzer Zip Zester is the latest culinary accessory from the kitchen equipment specialists, Mitchell & Cooper.

The Zip Zester, winner of the 2012 American NRA Kitchen Innovation Award, is designed to zest citrus fruits quickly, easily and with minimal mess.

The design allows the delicate removal of zest, preserving the natural oils within the skin which carry all the flavour and ensuring that none of the bitter pith is removed with it.

Four detachable blades include: The Little Twist Blade - creates a thin ribbon; The Big Twist Blade; The Macroblade - to make the most of the flavoursome oils in the zest of the fruit and the The Microblade - for really fine, flaky zests for dressings, jams and desserts.

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GE-GD espresso machines from Gaggia

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The Gaggia GE-GD espresso machine is built for reliability. It is distinctively modern and new to the range is an optional Cappuccinatore which is designed to make the perfect cappuccino.


Available in various sizes, from the smallest, compact 1-group GD One, to the largest, 4-group GE-GD which has a capacity of up to 400 espresso shots an hour.

Gaggia GD One Silver Jpeg.jpg 

The GE-GD Cappuccinatore is designed for the larger 3 and 4-group GE-GD models. Connected to the milk supply and attached to one of the steam wands, the Cappuccinatore froths milk directly into the customer's cup, for the perfect cappuccino. Not only is this feature quick and easy for staff to operate, it also means there's no need to froth entire jugs of milk, meaning less washing up and wastage.


Even with its technological design, the GE-GD is straightforward to use. Its electronic control panel is simple and direct, so even new or casual members of staff can make perfect coffees during peak service.


The Gaggia range is marketed in the UK by Watermark and is available through distributors nationwide


Contemporary designs

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Kuhn Rikon's new catalogue contains lots of exciting new products.

Here's a few to choose from:


Kuhn Rikon Ulu Knife - Large and Small.jpg 

  • The New Kuhn Rikon Ulu knife - chopping herbs
    Suggested Retail Price:  Large £11.95, Small £8.95
  • The New Kuhn Rikon Design-Line Oil and Vinegar Set
    Suggested Retail Price £19.95

  • The New Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Cookie Press
    Suggested Retail Price £29.95
  • The New Kuhn Rikon Frosting Deco Pen
    Suggested Retail Price £22.95
  • The New Kuhn Rikon Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Set
    Suggested Retail Price £14.95
  • The New Kuhn Rikon Cool Grippers - for holding hot pans
    Suggested Retail Price £7.95

Kuhn Rikon Design-Line Bistro Oil and Vinegar Set.jpg






3663 Whites Stock Pot Seat

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3663 seat.jpg3663 Catering Equipment has inadvertently launched a new product at Hotelympia 2012.  The 60 litre stock pot adapted for the show - as a seat, has been so admired that it has been added to the range. 

Product number 33011 can be ordered online from tomorrow via

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