The Marks and Spencer jam sandwich face slap

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That'll be 75p please mateIs this the ultimate insult to the consumer or clever profiteering of a corporate institution?

Yes, the Marks and Spencers jam sandwich hit shelves a while ago for 75p a double slice.

"But I can make that for 10p at home with some soggy white bread and average jam and i wouldn't have to stare a ill-tempered and menopausal checkout lady in the face," you may say.

Quite, quite. What can you do? It's consumerism gone mad.

For the record, the Real Food Festival have also weighed in with their two cents as well:

The M&S jam sandwich:  Philip Lowery, Director of the Real Food Festival comments: "It's hard to work out who has lost the plot more when looking at the launch today of the new M&S jam sandwich; the store themselves for promoting this as a credit crunch lunch priced at 75 pence, when anyone could buy these ingredients for less than 10p and prepare it themselves in a matter of seconds, or the people who will inevitably buy this product for believing that everything in their so called busy lives takes precedence over preparing simple, healthy, nutritious food. On balance, I'd say M&S, who really ought to know better." 

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Most interesting. If you have a peek at my website you’ll see that it was in fact myself who spawned the idea of the jam sandwich with Marks and Spencer back in 2004. My wife Gloria and i, i’m her husband, are eagerly awaiting some of our other ideas to be taken onboard and for our first royality cheque from the afore mentioned to arrive.

I wonder if the jam sandwich from Marks and Spencer took off, or if the idea was later consigned to the dustbin?

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