Funky finger food for kids, but what about us grown-ups?

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lion-big.jpgOne man's quest to ensure his four-year-old finished his lunch took him to creative extremes with his funky-looking food.

When young Oscar repeatedly took an age to eat his grub, Mark Northeast began trying to make his sandwiches more appealing with attractive designs.

They quickly moved on from sandwiches cut into the shape of a rocket with vegetable boosters.

After he posted a photo of his debut deisgn on Facebook, friends were keen to see what Mark was going to do next.

"I got more and more engrossed in what I could do with sandwiches," he told the Metro

"I wanted to be able to open the fridge and say 'what can I do with this?' - cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and bread."

croc-big.jpgNo doubt these sarnies appeal to all ages - who wouldn't want to chomp on a cute lion sandwich (before it chomps you!)?

It would be interesting to see adult variations with a broader array of ingredients. Attractive food need not just be drizzles, smears and foams after all.

Mark, a West Sussex web designer, hopes his novel approach to the humble sandwich will garner a book deal, but for now best of the rest can be found on his website Funky Lunch.

With National School Meals Week fast approaching (9-13 November), does anyone have any other successful approaches to encouraging healthy eating in children? Share them on Table Talk.

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