Pizza or burger? Can't decide? Have both...

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It's a Friday night and you've had a few beers down the pub and the junk-food muchies hits you hard. So what will it be? A pizza or burger? For those fast-food junkies that can't decide, Burger King is now offering the "Pizza Burger".

Yes, that's right folks - you can munch your way through 2,520 calories of beefburger, topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, Tuscan pesto and marinara sauce. It's arranged like a pizza and placed on a 9 and half inch sesame seed bun.

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It that's not enough to put you off it contains 3,730mg of salt - that's more than double the daily limit for adults.

According to Mail Online, it contains 144g of fat, 59g of which is saturated. It would take you a four hour jog to work it off and equivalant to more than the entire daily calorie allowance for a man or woman.

Luckily for us, and maybe unluckily for the US waistlines, the Pizza Burger is only available exculsively at Burger King's Whopper Bar in New York's Times Square from September... for now....

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It's a killer.

But what a way to go...

Genius! Except for the name, too obvious, it needs to be something like...Burgza


The Pizza Burger is for wimps! Real men take on KFC's Double Down - which replaces the burger bun with fried chicken fillets!,32804/

How about - 10 half pound beef patties, 20 slices of bacon, 20 slices of cheese, a giant pickle....and oh yeah, a tray of fries thrown in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from the Eagle Deli in Brighton Mass, the challenge burger:

I saw this featured on Boston's Phantom Gourmet show a few years ago. At the time the challenge was that if you could eat it they would name the burger after you (just after they buried your trans fat saturated corpse).

While not an individual menu item I think that Taco Bell deserve and honorable mention for trying to introduce American to the idea that Taco Bell was "the fourth meal" to be had late at night between dinner and breakfast. Because three meals a day just aren't enough!!

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