Gilded turkey: Christmas with the Midas touch

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Traditional Christmas fare of turkey plus trimmings can be so tired. The seasonal feast is foisted upon us every year and it's often disappointing. Dry, mealy turkey accompanied by watery, mushy sprouts that are more grey than green. Sound familiar? No? Just my house then?

Actually, food writer, TV presenter and Gastronaut Stefan Gates is also fed up with the same old, same old Christmas dinner. As a result he has come up with something pretty extravagant. No golden goose for Gates, but instead a golden (literally) turkey.


goldenturkey.jpgHe's taken a well-cooked (as in, cooked well) bird and gilded it with 23ct gold leaf - don't worry, it's edible. Pricey? Not as much you might think. The amount of gold needed costs about the same as a bottle of cheap Champagne, according to Gates.

It certainly does have the wow-factor. But does it have the taste-factor, either in flavour or how appropriate it is in this age of austerity? Either way, it is definitely fabulous. 

** Visit the BBC food Blog for the full recipe **

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