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VIDEO: Masterchef judges Gregg and John get a techno makeover

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Masterchef judge Gregg WallaceThere have been a few tongue-in-cheek Masterchef videos doing the rounds.

Who could forget the reworking of the 2010 final of Masterchef the Professionals? 

Gregg Wallace and Michel Roux Jnr go giddy over some unexpected culinary 'delights' in an editing stroke of genius.

Tomato ketchup smears and pot noodles aplenty.

This latest, posted on YouTube by SwedeMason, is bound to make you giggle.

 Wibble, wibble, wobble indeed!

Masterchef USA: Gordon Ramsay lacks pulling power

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US-Masterchef-blunder-square.jpgIt appears the opportunity to be blasted by Gordon Ramsay doesn't quite provide the lure it once did (can't think why).

A not-so-sneaky bit of television trickery in the opening sequence of the US version of Masterchef made it look like more people had turned up to audition.

But the red-faced production company was busted when one canny viewer spotted the ploy.

Three sections of the crowd were duplicated to make it appear that more people had turned up to the cooking show, but in a most unsubtle way.

Fernando Peire, Restaurant Inspector, The Vineyard, Channel 5"It never fails to baffle me how people like this ever ended up in business," according to @LordImmunitas on Twitter.

He's talking about Amy, owner of the Vineyard in Northampton, and her mother Tina. He's not wrong. Well, not in the first half of the episode.

It's always quite remarkable how Fernando Peire, Channel 5's Restaurant Inspector, manages to encourage even the most desperately woeful operators to turn a corner.

It's not just about a cosmetic makeover of the restaurant, but a major shift in mindset.

Great British Menu: Chris Fearon shares his GBM experiences

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Chris Fearon, Great British MenuChris Fearon, head chef of Deanes at Queens Head,in Belfast, shares his experiences on the Great British Menu with Satellite Dishes. Here's what this charming fella ha to say.

How did you find the regional heat?

It was a daunting experience because Brian McCann was my old chef. I worked with him for about four or five years before I left take on my first head chef role and I went for the biggest rival in Belfast.

We fell out over it and didn't speak for a couple of years and the first time we saw each other was at the Great British Menu so it was a bit weird. It wasn't until the last day that I really started enjoying myself because of the awkwardness in the studio. Once I'd won the regional heat it was fine.

Restaurant Inspector: Fernando Peire takes a trip to Bambers

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Restaurant Inspector, Channel 5, Fernando PeireRestaurant Inspector Fernando Peire takes a trip to Shropshire this week to visit Bambers.

The Bridgnorth restaurant is owned by head chef Matt Poulton, a talented cook but a novice restaurateur with poorly judged eye for interior design.

As usual, Fernando's first visit is as a mystery diner. The decor leaves him very unimpressed. 

It's a mish-mash of bric-a-brac, red walls and tatty black lace curtains. 

In fact, it looks like a popular catalogue retailer take on a shabby chic bistro. On crack.

Great British Menu 2011: An interview with Aktar Islam

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Aktar Islam, chef director of Lasan, Birmingham takes time out to talk to Satellite Dishes about his GBM experience and on winning his place at the final banquet. 

How did you find the regional heat?

When I first got in the kitchen knowing I was up against Richard and Sue, the first thing that came to my mind was that Richard had a star and Sue she's got high pedigree working in three Michelin-starred kitchens and has worked with many Michelin-starred chefs. 

I had done a bit of research I thought am I a bit of an underdog here, but once meeting them I thought, I am here now and here to win. We were all there to win it and all under the same pressure and may the best man win. 

Love's Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay's Hollywood debut

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Gordon Ramsay makes his Hollywood debut in Love's KitchenGordon Ramsay makes his Hollywood debut with a cameo in the forthcoming foodie flick Love's Kitchen, resulting in a plethora of food-related pun action - none of it positive.

Ham, corn, turkey, cheese is the weird collection of ingredients that have been used to describe both the flick and the celeb chef's performance.

No, the film isn't out yet but the incredibly comprehensive trailer for the film appears to leave no plot-stone unturned.

Restaurant Inspector: Fernando Peire revives a Ramsgate Italian

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Fernando-Peire.jpgAnother week, another new television representation of hospitality. Channel 5 has followed up its successful Hotel Inspector series with the Restaurant Inspector.

This time it's the turn of Fernando Peire, director of London's world famous c'leb haunt the Ivy, to shake up the fortunes of ailing businesses across the UK. 

The opening episode of the series sees Fernando visit Alexandra's, a 23-year old Italian family-run restaurant on the seafront in Ramsgate.

Former-model Maria takes care of front-of-house in an inconvenienced manner while husband Luciano and son John man the kitchen.

The Hotel: bye-bye to the Damson Dene

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Damson-Dene-sign.jpgIt was our last trip to the Damson Dene Hotel on Channel 4 last night and it was back on form. General manager Wayne and his deputy Marta are at loggerheads and it's affecting the entire team of staff.

Prior to Wayne's arrival at Lake District property, ambitious Marta from Poland had worked her up from a starting point as a trainee to acting GM.

But hotel-owner Jonathan Denby felt she didn't quite possess the right skill set to take the job permanently: enter Wayne.

So much is wrong with the dynamic between the two, and Jonathan appears to have let the issue escalate.

The Hotel: couples counselling and Pillow Talk

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Wayne-Bartholomew.jpgA bit behind on Channel 4's The Hotel after it all kicked off on Great British Menu, but Satellite Dishes has been glued to the box catching up.

The penultimate episode Pillow Talk was another that focused on the topsy turvy lives of the guests more than the running of a middle-England hotel, but it still had some interesting highlights.

Meet Nadine and Christian - as close to a real life Denise and Dave of the Royle Family fame as they come.

They have dragged their teenage kids to share one large family room while the troubled couple work through their rocky marriage. Yes. Really.

Paul Ainsworth twitter pic.jpgPaul Ainsworth was one of the four fantastic chefs to serve up a dish at the Great British Menu people's banquet. Satellite Dishes found out what it was like to get cooking in front of the foodie nation.

How has your appearance on Great British Menu affected business at Number 6?

The first episode of the south west regional heat went out on May Day and we were closed. It's a bank holiday and everywhere in Padstow closes for a big celebration in the town. We came back in on the Wednesday to over 200 emails and our voicemail, which holds about 70 messages, was completely full. And that was just after the duck course. They hadn't seen the fish yet. Ever since then it's been consistently busy for lunch and dinner every single day.

Did you have any idea what to expect?

Tom Kerridge is one of my best friends and he gave me an inkling about what it'd be like but it all depends on the type of character you are. And that's what it's all about.

Thumbnail image for Tom KerridgeTom Kerridge takes time out to talk to Satellite Dishes on his GBM experience

How did you find the regional heats?
You are always under pressure in the regional heats because you want to get through to cook for the judges.
I felt sick with pressure to get through to the judges as Tom Aikens and Phil Thompson were amazing.

I thought both their food was amazing any of us could have got through. There were some incredible scores in this region. Phil and Tom are incredible chefs. I know Tom gets a bit of bad press, but he is an amazing guy.
I was honored to be cooking in the kitchen with him. 

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