How rude! Part One: Nigella Lawson is made extra saucy - VIDEO

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Nigella-Lawson.jpgNigella Lawson is a woman in denial.

The food writer and TV cook is adamant that she is not a purveyor of food porn.

This is the same Nigella Lawson who was recently pictured on the cover of free magazine Stylist - the issue she guest edited - featuring sultry, smokey make-up, eyes closed, lips parted... and a coating of glossy salted caramel driping down her creamy complexion (see below).

Yeah, that's not suggestive at all.

Come on, love - pull the other one! (woof, ding dong etc etc).

There's no chance that the woman who scaled the dizzy heights of cookbook superstardom is unaware that she did so while riding on the back of a plethora of double entendres. I don't accept that.

Nigella-Lawson-caramel.jpgBut if proof were needed, someone (and it's hard to say who because there are a few versions of this) has gone to the trouble of knocking together some of Nigella's more suggested phrases into one minute and 54 seconds of filth.

Yes, yes - she didn't say these words in this actual order... but she did say these words. And some of them, the ones that clearly didn't need knitting together, are titilating in their own right.


If you like this, don't forget to check out the Gordon Ramsay video, in which the c'leb chef's mouth is made much more foul, and the Jamie Oliver video, in which the school meals savious is made a little less saintly.

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