Marco Pierre White wants restaurant couples for new Channel 5 TV show

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Marco-Pierre-White.jpgMarco Pierre White needs you. And you. But not you. Because he only needs two of you.

The Hell's Kitchen star is desperately seeking a plucky pair who are responsible for a UK restaurant to take part in a forthcoming new series for reality telly haven Channel 5.

Details are vague and at this stage it sounds like they haven't really worked out what the format will be.

For now, anyone who works with another person in an eatery of some description - that includes anything from fine-dining establishments to gastropubs, caf├ęs, bistros, hotels, curry houses and "anything in between" - can apply.

Correct me if I'm wrong but pretty much the only type of operator that rules out is Mr Whippy, who takes the money when not driving the van - two tasks that can never be carried out simultaneously without dire consequences.

Pairs will be eligible if they are related, married or just friends, though one suspects the producers are hoping for the odd couple of mortal enemies to send in their form for the necessary added drama.

Either way, they must be prepared for a competition that tests their culinary skills and teamwork.

To apply to the show, e-mail or call 0207 308 5454 to get an application sent through the post.

While no specific deadline was given for the woolly new television concept, Channel 5 said that those who applied quickly were more likely to find a place on the show.

Clear as mud. Get going.

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