Cake Boy Eric Lanlard has a Minute on the Clock

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Eric-Lanlard---PICTURE-CREDIT-IS-CLIVE-NICHOLS.jpgCake Boy and master pâtissier Eric Lanlard is back on the small screen with a new TV series, Baking Mad. Janie Manzoori-Stamford found out what it's all about

What is the concept for your new show?
It has three parts: Quick Bake, in which I demonstrate a recipe that can be done easily - fast and with store cupboard ingredients; Dessert Bake, where I take classic British dishes like fruit crumble and jam roly poly and recreate them with my own twist and a touch of glamour; and the Bake Off, in which I invite three amateur bakers to my professional kitchen at Cake Boy and challenge them to a bake off. The winner will join me in a baking masterclass.

How was it working with the public in the kitchen?
Cake Boy as a whole is open plan and the cookery school is on full view. I teach classes on a regular basis so I am used to dealing with customers and our students whilst at work. I really love meeting people from different ages, background and all parts of the globe. Our customers and students are a great mixed bunch

Any outstanding talent?
I was surprised after watching some past baking shows, where the male sex was not really represented. But we had so many male entrants and a lot of them were winning the Bake Offs. Where have they been all this time? It definitely proves that men can bake! Overall the standards were very high.

Do television shows like yours help encourage people into a culinary career?
Yes, it gives an insight into life at a pâtisserie. Most culinary programmes are about restaurants, with lots of pressure, shouting and flames. Many of our contestants have ambitions to leave their "boring" jobs and start a bakery or a pâtisserie business, which is great news for the industry.

What do you think the next big baking trend will be?
Cupcakes will continue to be popular, but there has been an attempt to make the whoopie pies the 'new' cupcake. But it doesn't matter how hard people are trying to 'kill' the cupcake, I think it's here to stay. It is cute and easy to eat; it can be decorated for any occasion and is suitable for all ages and sexes. People are also rediscovering the pleasure of savoury baking. Tarts and pies are going to be the next big thing.

Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard returns to Channel 4 on Monday 5 March, weekdays at 12.05pm

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