Masterchef 2012: who will win? Vote now [POLL]

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Masterchef-final-three.jpgWe're down to the final three contestants and final three episodes of the latest series of Masterchef. Don't fret - another series will be on before you know it.

But in the mean time, who do you think will be crowned Masterchef champion? Will young Tom Rennolds take the title?

Will Shelina Permalloo's star will shine brightest?

Or perhaps you think that Andrew Koj be the first across the finish line to a life of cooking demos and book deals?

Time to predict your winner in the Satellite Dishes ever-so unscientific straw poll.

You decide.

Not in a way that will have any impact on the pre-recorded outcome of the show, obviously, but for the hell of it. 

Find out who wins in three nights of Masterchef final action, starting tonight at 9pm on BBC One. I'll be live tweeting from @Sat_Dishes - swing by and say hi.

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1 Comment

Shelina should win. Not only did she produce beautiful, colourful main dishes and puddings but she had a consistently calm presence throughout all the tasks that were put before her. She seemed to be good humoured and confident too even though she confessed to being quite terrified at times. They were all fantastic but Shelina had the edge. She deserves to win, I do so hope that she does.

Juliet Dyson

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