Great British Menu 2012: from starters to the fish course [POLL]

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Jeremy-Lee-GBM.jpgGreat British Menu's Scotland heat moves on to the fish course tonight.

Yesterday I asked which of the chef's starters sounded the most appetising and it turned up some interesting results, almost exactly opposite to the scores given by judge Jeremy Lee (pictured).

According to you, my lovely Satellite Dishes readers, Mark Greenaway's braised pork cheek served with hot apple jelly and sea buckthorn was the most appealing dish, favoured as it was by 54.55% of you.

But Lee disagreed. He voiced many reservations about the use of buckthorn, a bitter berry that he described as a "curious devil of an ingredient that will cause mayhem" and not necessarily appeal to the masses.

He was also disappointed that Greenaway's beautifully cooked pork cheek was served cold and gave the dish a lamentable 5/10. 

Alan Murchison and Colin Buchan came out jointly on top, each scoring 7/10, but Lee didn't seem overwhelmed by either dish. 

Murchison's duck terrine and pineapple (Satellite Dishes poll: 30.3%), an unusual flavour combination that caused many tweeters to comment on the use of such an exotic ingredient in what is meant to be a celebration of British food. 

Lee thought the dish fulfilled the brief brilliantly, but he wasn't convinced by duck and pineapple either, suggesting that the acidity of the tropical fruit required there to be skin on the duck.

But let's not overlook the terrine. According to a friend of Satellite Dishes, it looked like a satanic Battenburg. On hearing that, it actually started to appeal to me more, oddly.

Colin Buchan's smoked pigeon breast and heart was, said Lee, a lovely idea. Concerns that the heart might not be everyone's cup of tea were allayed when it was presented and eaten off a mini-javelin (Satellite Dishes poll: 15.15%). 

Admittedly, I didn't get the reference. I wondered what a chopstick had to do with anything. 

However Lee criticised Buchan's overly generous portion suggesting it was more suitable for a main course, and called for the nettle foam to be more nettley and more foamy.

On to the fish course now. Let's see how the dishes fare in the Incredibly Unscientific Satellite Dishes Poll today?

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