Masterchef: the Professionals returns for a new series

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Masterchef-logo.jpgGuess what's back, back again, Masterchef-the-Professionals is back, tell a friend...

Yeah, I know... the meter doesn't quite fit the Eminem lyrics. But that doesn't stop the refrain running round my head on a constant loop, willing me to start busting out some rubbish middle-class-British-white-girl-does-ghetto-American-white-boy hip hop moves. 

If there was a camera on me right now, I'd be swaggering into the lens, elbows aloft, fingers splayed and failing to pull off the rude girl look that seems so effortless in my head. And all that is because my favourite version of Masterchef returns to the small screen tonight. 
Once again Michel Roux Jr and his straight-talking Le Gavroche sous chef Monica Galetti join Gregg Wallace to pass judgement on pro chefs looking to hit the big time. 

From the looks of things, the formula will be pretty much unchanged from the last series that saw Ash Mair take the title.

Contestants will have to show their mettle to Monica and Gregg before they will be deemed worthy enough to cook for chef Michel. In this regard, I think that what may appear to be quite a harsh condition is actually in the nervous chefs' favour. 

As men and women (hopefully there actually will be a lot more women entering the competition this year) who have dedicated their careers to perfecting the culinary arts there is surely not many things more mortifying than disappointing one of the UK's most highly regarded chefs. 

It's got to be more momentous than cooking for Gregg, which I'm sure he'd be the first to admit.

* The new series kicks off with a half hour episode tonight at 20.30 on BBC2, followed by one hour shows starting at 20.00 for the rest of the week. 

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