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I was lucky enough to offer my own ill-informed opinions to the judging process at the SIBA South East beer competition the other day (see this link for information of winners).

Judging was set to take place some time back at a venue in Kent but owing to the horrible summer weather, and the fact that no-one fancied splashing around in a sodden marquee, it was postponed. Hoopers bar in East Dulwich, London, stepped in to hold the event instead. I was rather glad they did. Not only was it interesting to visit a place I had never previously been to, but I also had a chance to look at all the items of brewing memorabilia that hang on the walls there.

The best of these, for me, was an old poster ad for defunct brewer Rayment's. I used to live in the tiny Hertfordshire village where the Rayment's brewery was based until it was purchased by Greene King in the late '80s. Sadly I was too young to ever get the chance to taste the beer before the brewery was turned into a Greene King depot, and then, later, a set of apartments. So it's good to see that reminders of Rayment's in its heady days still remain.


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Note the mis-spelling of the village name - Furneaux, instead of Furneux.

The same design, of course, was used by Eldridge Pope and Tetley's of Leeds

There has been a long-running, low-level controversy over how to spell the name of the village. Some think it ought to be spelled with an "a" and pronounced with a bad French accent. Everyone else thinks it shouldn't. The Home Counties can be so much fun!

I didn't really think about the design being used by other brewers - no wonder it looked so familiar.

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