Grain brewery plans 2013 "hop calendar"

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Grain Brewery is planning on producing a range of beers using the same recipe for the malt and bittering hop contents, but to change the aroma hop each month, having put a 'hop calendar' in place for 2013.

The Norfolk company will experiment with a different hop in the same beer every month.

I got the chance last year to sample some of Marston's efforts in a similar exercise and great fun it was too. Although the dangerous element to it, is that I feel you need at least two or three beers using different hop varieties lined up next to each other to get the full experience.

Hops are a fascinating, and complex plant, and the different flavour profiles that different varieties, grown in different parts of the world, create is astonishing.

In Grain's case, the hops will come from across the world as well as at home, and will include Topaz from Australia, Simcoe from USA and Spalt from Germany.

To support the pubs with the new beers, Grain will be taking a 'hop road show' to the pubs. This will give beer lovers an opportunity to meet the brewer, and try the different raw hop ingredients.

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